In the late 1920s, Milton Blake, a young Adelaide chemist, experimented with the production of a sunburn cream. He had read about a substance that possessed the property of absorbing the burning ultra-violet rays of the sun.


With the aid of a room heater, saucepans for containers and a pair of old-fashioned hand scales, Milton Blake made many attempts to incorporate this substance in a cream base. Eventually a process was evolved and a sunburn preventative cream was produced. The formula was tested by Professor Kerr Grant at the University of Adelaide and found to offer ultraviolet protection.

In 1932, Hamilton Laboratories was established by Milton Blake and colleagues to begin production of one of the world’s first commercial sunscreens. In Milton Blake’s transcripts he referred to himself as H.A. Milton, which reveals how he derived the company’s name. Since then the Hamilton sunscreens have undergone continuous development, testing and improvements and Hamilton has become a leading sun care brand.

Hamilton subsequently extended it’s range, developing skincare products that soothe and protect dry and sensitive skin, from our harsh Australian environment

Hamilton. Comfortable Skin in Australian conditions.